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The Sciatic Nerve runs from the lower back down the leg of one leg, often into the foot and toes. If it is irritated or compressed it can cause severe pain running down the leg. Pain can be just in the gluteal area or in the calf and foot as well as running down the whole leg.

Sciatic pain as described by the people who experience it in many different ways. Some people have a burning sensation that extends the entire length of their legs while other people“knot” in their buttocks, some people just experience pain in their lower leg and foot. .Many people cannot sit or stand in one place at all due to the pain.

This pain ranges from the most severe pain in her have not life, T just a annoying constant irritation. In either case it means that the nerve is getting damaged by pressure being placed on it, usually from the disc or surrounding inflammation of muscle tissue. If you’ve ever experienced sciatic pain you know how debilitating it can be.

Sciatica and Nerve Damage

Although it is rare, in some instances sciatica can result in permanent nerve damage. But the irritation of the nerve that causes the sciatica pain usually is reversible. That is why it is so important to seek Sciatic Pain Treatment as soon as possible.

Symptoms of a more serious medical problem include bladder or bowl incontinence, growing weakness, or the loss of sensation in the leg.

Where the Sciatic Nerve is Located:

Sciatic nerves are the longest in the body, it extend from the lower back down to the toes.

Sciatic nerves roots exit the spine between the lower lumbar vertebrae in the lower back and travel behind the hip joint down the buttock and along the back of each leg into the foot.

Sciatica is caused by the irritation of one or all of these nerves. Typically, a herniated disc applies pressure on the sciatic nerve root. Many people find that going to the doctor and getting muscle relaxers and pain killers and anti-inflammatories rarely solved the problem. And while physical therapy teamwork on some cases, many times it doesn’t get to the problem and simply only irritates that condition. So what’s the right treatment for sciatic pain? That depends.

To address and correct the problem, we must first find out what exactly is the cause. That’s why MRIs are so important for these kind of condition because they tell us exactly what’s going on at the level of the nerve. If you have sciatica pain and have not had an MRI please call our office, and making appointment so the doctor can order one for you. If you have one already, but no one’s explained it to you or you’re not happy with what they recommended please give us hey call so that we can give you A free second opinion.

Our goal is to give you alternatives for sciatic pain treatment, to give you alternatives for surgery, the laser spine surgery, or any of the other things that you may be considering. I truly believe our treatment is the most effective available today.

Other causes of sciatica can include spinal tumors, spondylolisthesis, trauma, spinal stenosis, or sciatic nerve tumor or injury. That is why correct Diagnosis and Sciatic Treatment are so important.

Anybody Can Have Sciatica

Many people believe that sciatica is something that only effects people who have a sedentary lifestyle.And while it’s true that sedentary people are more at risk for sciatica, it actually can affect active people as well, especially if they participate in activities that involve twisting the back or carrying heavy loads frequently.

In most cases, sciatica will resolve itself within a few weeks. Treatment options include exercise, physical therapy and corticosteroid injections. For some patients, however, the pain can last much longer, so individualized treatment plans are recommended.

Sciatica Pain Treatment Options

One of the less invasive sciatica pain treatment options is gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment.

Our non-surgical spinal decompression device, The DRX 9000 is focused specifically on the bone above and below the disc in your spine that is unhealthy. The device pulls up on the bone above and down on the bone from below the disc. Effectively separating them and creating a negative pressure inside the disc. This creates a vacuum effect which draws water and all those essential nutrients into the disc.

All this is done without drugs, injections, or surgery!

The best part of all is that it’s painless and the only side effect besides a little soreness is that the disc gets rehydrated, and you get better.

What does all that remind you of, hopefully you thought of a pump. The decompression Machine is designed to re-create the pump mechanism that is failed within the disc, thereby allowing for water, oxygen, and all those nutrients to be pulled back inside the disc to allow the disc to heal and repair.

So we’re not only trying to fix the disc itself, but it also fix the broken pump mechanism. When the pump works, you increase the circulation to the disc, when you increases circulation to the disk this allows it to heal and repair

If you or somebody you know is suffering from sciatica, contact us today for your free consultation to see if we have the Sciatic Pain Treatment that will work for you.

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Corinne Odineal
Corinne Odineal
18:00 10 Jun 22
Dr. Putman was wonderful! He saw me immediately because of my pain and was great at explaining the problem and how to solve it. All the staff is wonderful--warm and caring.
Scott Sinner
Scott Sinner
01:09 06 Jun 22
I came to Dr. Putnam needing hope and answers. When I entered the front office I was warmly greeted immediately by Wendy the office manager. She immediately sat down and heard my story. This was quickly followed by Dr. Putnam who took time to really listen. I left the appointment after exhausting several other options, with hope and excitement! So grateful I found Twin Creeks. I would definitely recommend Dr. Putnam to anyone seeking answers.
Amanda Martin
Amanda Martin
21:26 23 May 22
The staff was great! They are very friendly and answered all my questions. They had me in and out in a timely manner. Thank you to all that helped me.
Michele Bryant
Michele Bryant
01:01 17 May 22
These guys are absolutely amazing! The staff is so attentive and caring. They were able to really explain what I was going through and gave me realistic advice on how to move forward. Excellent treatment I felt like they truly cared and went above and beyond! Kudos to this wonderful place, I HIGHLY recommend!!!
08:22 27 Mar 22
Great place for overall chiropractic care. From full patient evaluation and developing a in depth treatment plan this is the place to go!They have helpful, kind, knowledgeable staff with a high lever of empathy and knowledge. Their staff knows how to accommodate many different people with different needs and is great with many different levels of therapy as well.Would I recommend my friends and family to them, yes with out a doubt. Check them out if your in need of a chiropractor, or have any needs for solving major back and neck issues.
19:38 07 Mar 22
Dr.Louis was doing really phenomenal…. slowly explaining n each everything….. actually I’m not good in english…. He explained me very clear n perfect… and more over staffs are very friendly… thank you …
Melanie Halcomb
Melanie Halcomb
20:21 04 Mar 22
Dr. Putman is very thorough and really takes the time to look at the whole picture. I’ve been to many different doctors for the same neck injury, and Dr. Putman is by far the most thorough! Will continue to see him!
frank albalos
frank albalos
02:42 10 Feb 22
I have been a patient of Dr. Putnam for somewhere in the figure of twenty plus years, the friendly Atmosphere, care for patients and professionalism continues to keep me coming back. Finishing an adjustment with a deep tissue massage is definitely a plus. I highly recommend Twin creeks you will not be sorry
Mike Latham
Mike Latham
19:14 24 Aug 20
Always friendly...Easy to do business with...Great communications
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