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We have all heard people joking about other people or things being “a pain in the neck”, but if you or somebody you know is suffering from neck pain, you know it’s no laughing matter. Neck pain is a common complaint today, much more common that 50 years ago.

Why? Lets think about it, 50 years ago people where much more active, while there were some people who worked “desk jobs” most people worked manufacturing or service industries. They were simply much more active. Today, if you’re not sitting at a desk working on a computer, then you are frequently looking down at phone or some other device. This is called repetitive stress and leads to many chronic neck, shoulder and arm problems.

Many people have neck pain, shoulder pain, and some have that pain radiating down there arm to their elbow and hands. Nothing can be as fatiguing and interfere with your normal daily activities as neck and shoulder pain.

Neck pain is found more frequently in women than men, and most people with neck pain tend to be between the ages of 18 to 64. The average age for neck pain patients is 49.5 years old but this statistic is rapidly changing and we see it in younger and younger individuals. It can be devastating. Not only can it cause pain, but is also associated with chronic headaches and numbness or tingling in the arms and hands.

Neck Pain Treatment Needs to be Specific and Address Cause to be Long Lasting

There are many causes of neck pain. Because all Neck Pain is not equal, the doctor using any Neck Pain Treatment option, must be well educated in diagnosis and the different treatment options available.

Years ago the most common causes of neck pain was aging. People would have increased wear and tear on the vertebrae, discs and nerves in their spine from car accidents, old injuries, or sometimes related to their jobs. This often lead to neck pain. This is called spinal degeneration or disc degeneration.

While disc degeneration is the things that cause have changed. As I mentioned above use of electronic devices have become an important Factor in the cause of neck pain and neck degeneration.

Because the discs are often involved in chronic neck pain, the approach to treating pain must be gentle, specific and repetitive to make lasting changes. While physical therapy is good for strengthening muscles and will sometimes help with pain it doesn’t address the cause of the problem which is dysfunction in the disks of the spine and the joints themselves. When these do not function properly discs degenerate in the spine and muscles soon follow.

Another common cause of neck pain is repetitive motion injuries and posture. If you to hold your head looking down at the same angle for a long period of time, this can increase your risk of developing neck pain and cost more wear and tear on the spine. Many people today spend most of their day in a Flexor Dominate posture with the head down looking at their phone or computer taking out the natural curve of the neck and putting increased pressure on the discs and nerves. Stress is also a contributing factor in many cases of neck pain.

I think of pain like this, it is like the oil light on your cars dashboard. It’s trying to tell you that something isn’t working right. Pain indicates that the natural balance has been disturbed and that something is out of whack.

Problems in the neck often lead to pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, headaches, and a variety of other symptoms. Unfortunately when we go to the doctor they usually give us some type of medication to treat the symptoms not the cause. We embrace the alternative methods for treating neck pain. These methods are effective safe and gentle.

Neck Pain Treatment Natural Solutions

Because neck pain tends to originate in the spinal column, one of the most effective neck pain treatments is gentle, non-surgical spinal decompression treatment. Unlike most treatments offered by most doctors, spinal decompression seeks to address the cause of the problem, and so we consider it the most effective Neck Pain Treatment.

Our model of spinal decompression for the treatment of neck pain Address is the cause of the pain: this spinal discs, the nerves any associated muscles and tissues. Our goal is to help you avoid spinal surgery, laser spine surgery, and all the other degenerative effects of not correcting the problem.

Fast, Effective Neck Pain Treatment

Most patients can experience relief from neck pain and other symptoms with just a few gentle sessions. Most people say they begin to feel much better within a few weeks. Plus, because we treat the causes of neck pain – rather than masking them with drugs or using invasive procedures such as surgeries – once the pain is gone, it typically won’t return unless something else goes out of balance within the body.

That’s what makes our treatments so unique, effective, and long-lasting. The goal of spinal decompression is not only to relieve your symptoms but to restore the normal function as much as we possibly can, so that the cause of your pain can be reduced or eliminated.

So, if you’re searching for treatments for neck pain, alternative treatments for spine surgery, treatments for arm pain, or even treatments for headaches, then you need to check out our program of spinal decompression.

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