Mar 11
Dec 06
Jan 22

Traumatic Disc Injuries – Avoid Surgery in Roseville California

The Roseville Disc Center in Roseville, California specializes in treating cervical and lumbar (neck and lower back) injuries to the discs and joint mechanics of the spine. While we have many patients come into our clinic for chronic long term pain resulting from faulty joint mechanics and the resultant disc…
Sep 30
MRI vs X-ray

MRI vs. X-RAY in Treatment of Disc Bulges

Roseville California: When people come into our Roseville California clinic for treatment for sciatica pain or disc bulges and herniations. We always recommend getting MRI imaging that is current (within the last year). It always amazes me when someone comes in and tells me their doctor told them they have…
Sep 03
Aug 13

Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Degenerative Disc Disease in Roseville, CA

Non-surgical spinal decompression has been around for almost 20. Hundreds of thousands of people have had the procedure successfully help their pain, increase their mobility, and avoid costly, time-consuming and risky spinal surgery. There are practically no side effects (and certainly, no serious ones) to spinal decompression, and the efficacy…
Jul 08
Jun 10

Indications Of Non-Invasive Sciatica Treatment Roseville CA

There are many people around, suffering chronic back, neck or leg pain either frequently or occasionally. Despite giving attention to its root cause they carry on their work just by having a dose of painkiller. This pain is one of the major causes of disability which had ruined many happy…
Mar 12

Dr. Oz Investigation: Are Epidural Steroid Injections Safe?

I recently came across this video clip from Dr. Oz show on Epidural Steroid Injections. A lot of our new patients who come into our Roseville California Disc Center Clinic for non-surgical decompression have had or are considering having these injections. Over the years, I have referred many people out…
Mar 05